How To Sign Up For Any Project

1. Company/Freelancer need to register with us. For registration fee details click here(Here is A/c details for fee submission)

2. Company/Freelancer need to send filled registration form along with transaction detail at

Kindly send your company profile, incorporation document and experience if any to
Kindly write e-mail id and contact number clearly on registration form.

3. After confirmation of your document and registration form receipt we will share basic process information to your mail id. Scan copy of invoice slip will also share with you.

4. If you are interested in any available process.

There are two options :-
(i) You can apply directly by getting direct document of process. You can get all direct documents for 1 year at just Rs. 15045/- in “Direct to Client” service with basic registration. In this option you have to follow application procedure yourself.

(ii) You can also take our help to apply. In this option application will be sent by yourself but we will guide you throughout the whole procedure. Our support charge  is only INR 5900/- for 2 months and you must agree to pay 5% royalty from your billing.

(iii) We can provide yearly support throughout the whole application procedure in our workstation facility at just 30385/- INR. Workstation is a complete package of all our services for 1 year with more than 50 services.

5. Your physical availability may required at the time of announcement of allocation of work.

6. Work allocation date will be shared with you.

7. If you applied directly than you don’t need to pay any royalty but when you take our help throughout the procedure than you need to sign agreement to pay our royalty which is just 7% from your every billing.

9. Sign-up will be done directly with Vendor/Company/Dept.

11. Now you are live with work and there is no worry of payment because you got work and payment directly from concern department.

Note :- We have a very simple and straight sign-up process. And now we give guarantee of process/project approval.  If you have any Question you can check our FAQ’s